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Charakterisierung von Ed Boone und Judy Boone, zwei Charaktere aus dem Buch "The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime". Angefertigt im Laufe des Englisch-Studiums. ( Im Anhang auch die Word-Datei, mit anständiger Formatierung. )

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Characterization of Ed and Judy Boone from The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime

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The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime-
Ed Boone
Basic information:
Name: Ed Boone > p.234:
I suppose this means Ed’s here.
> p.240:
Ed, for God’s sake.
Lives in Swindon
The first time he appears is at the police station > p.21
Uncle Terry > p.17
Heating engineer > p.28
Rhodri: employee > p.28; friend > p.83:
He sometimes comes round to the house in the evening to drink beer with father.
Closer relationship to Mrs. Shears > p.150
Sometimes does not stick to the rules > p.38:
Father often drives at over 30 mph in a 30 mph zone and sometimes he drives when he has been drinking and often he doesn’t wear his seatbelt.
Likes to watch football > p.45
Maybe suffers from a disease like diabetes or adiposity > p.56:
…has to carry a little packet of artificial sweetening tablets around with him to put in his coffee to stop him getting fat.
Also likes things that are in order > p.31 f.
Perhaps wants to escape the problems > p.57 f.:
Father wants to move to a different town as well
No information on his outward appearance

Secrets/ Lies:
Mother + Mr. Shears > Father + Mrs. Shears > killed Wellington > Mother not dead
Pretends that his mother had to go to the hospital > p.28 f.:
I’m afraid you won’t be seeing your mother for a while […] Your mother had to go to the hospital […] She has a problem…a problem with her heart.
Says that he takes food from M&S and that the mother seems to be getting better > p.35
Tells Christopher that his mother had died of a heart attack > p.36
Doesn’t want Christopher to ask too many questions
> p. 36:
…wasn’t the moment to ask questions like that
> p.64:
…bloody detective game
> p.26:
Just try to keep your nose out of other people’s business
> p. 27:
He shouted: I said leave it, for God’ sake
Promises made by Christopher > p.72:
1.Not to mention Mr. Shears’ name in our house.
2.Not to go asking Mrs. Shears about who had killed that bloody dog.
3.Not to go asking anyone about who killed that bloody dog.
4.Not to go trespassing in other people’s gardens.
5.To stop this ridiculous bloody detective game.
Discovery of the secret > p.121

Hints to the secrets:
Christopher sees him crying > p.27
neighbor of number 44 gives him an advice > p.49:
Perhaps you should be talking to your father about this.
hint to the closer relationship to Mrs. Shears > p.54:
…and also father said that she needed company and didn’t want to be on her own […] sometimes stayed overnight.

Relationship to Christopher:
Hides the secrets
Likes to spent time with his son > p.45:
Father takes me out somewhere…
> p. 108:
We were going to Twycross Zoo
Supports C. preparing the A- Level exam > p. 57
Ritual fingerspread (thumbs touching) > p.21:
Means that he loves me…
Really loves his son > p. 109:
I love you very much, Christopher. Don’t ever forget that.
Christopher later frightened of his father murdering him > p.152
is sorry for hitting Christopher > p.108

Language/ Aggression:
generally described as a level- headed and patient person > p.103; p.134 f.
gets angry when Christopher is locked > p.21:
I want to see my son…Why the hell is he locked up? ...Of course I’m bloody angry…
insults his son > p.102:
How stupid are you…You little shit… you’re the fucking memory man
spirited in his speech > p.254:
How the fuck […] Is your fucking
> p.62:
What the hell were you doing in the garden?
> p.102:
Holy fucking…

Overstrained by the situation
Tries to protect Christopher with the lies
unforgiving > p.137

Judy Boone: A Characterisation

Christopher’s Mom
when he was 13 years old she had an affair with Roger, Mr Shears
she decides to leave her son and her husband because she thinks that they would be better of without her ( London)
this hurts her husband Ed so badly that he tells Christopher his mother had died because of a heart attack

Outer appearance
“small person” (p.24)
“smells nice” (p.24)
“smoker” (p.96)

Character traits and behaviour we get to know from the novel
“hot-tempered” woman, who gets angry quite quickly (p.103)
shouts quite often (p.103)
hit Christopher sometimes (p.103)
knows how to handle Christopher (p.96, holiday: she gets him to put his feet into the water and she calms him down when he screams)
“selfish” (p.137)  Ed forbids her to come back ever again
Letters: ▪ emphasizes again and again that she loves Christopher
▪ thinks about him all the time
▪ reason for leaving her beloved son: - “she couldn’t take it anymore”
- arguments with her husband
- felt lonely
- she spent time with Roger  fell in
love with each other
- Ed is more patient  the two would
be better of without her (but leaving
broke her heart)
 She was overwhelmed by the situation, because handling with an autistic
child is not always easy. She became kind of depressive (cries a lot etc.).
At last she lost her rag very often so she is of the opinion that leaving is
better for her son although she never meant to hurt him.
(Before she left she even told Christopher what her life would have
looked like if she hadn’t married Ed  p.98. So this shows that she
sometimes dreams of a normal life. Actually you wouldn’t tell
something like this to your son because it think that he is
she is very happy when Christopher comes to London  wants to hug him (p.237)
but it is still obvious that she is kind of impatient and maybe even a bit aggressive  talking about the A-Level makes her crossed (p.247, p.252 “Christopher, please.”)
she leaves Mr Shears for her son  [change!] She decides for a life with her beloved son in Swindon although it will take a lot of effort as she knows from the years before
“protects” Christopher from his father and says that everything will be fine
at the end: p.262: - job at garden centre
- small flat together with Christopher
- “the doctor gave her pills […] to stop her feeling sad”  this might
be antidepressants to stop her losing her rag and being more
hot-tempered woman who sometimes loses control
loves her son but left him because she couldn’t handle the situation (actually a mother wouldn’t do this but she isn’t able do live her life properly because of being depressive)
decides for her son at the end because she loves him and gets arranged with her “illness” by taking pills

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