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Zusammenfassung der zweiten Szene von Akt 1 aus Educating Rita von Nick Hornby.

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Summary Educating Rita Act 1 Scene 2

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Summary Act 1 Scene 2:
The first thing I consider important is, that I noticed two different levels in the dialogue. First there is a private chat and the second level is the ongoing education of Rita. Moreover some of Frank’s feelings towards Rita become apparent. All through the text you get bits of information about the two characters.
The main content of act 1 scene 2 is the discussion of Rita’s subjectivity. Frank criticizes Rita’s lack of objectivity. Though Frank does understand why Rita is offended by the contents of the discussed literature “Howards End”, he does not appreciate the reason, why she stopped reading it. In order to educate Rita he tries to explain, why objectivity is necessary to be able to deal with such literature.
As a matter of fact Frank is quite amused about the way Rita’s trying to understand the books.
Some key parts in which shreds of the relation between Frank and Rita become apparent are e.g. when Frank’s wainting for Rita to come. His repeated checking of his watch is a sign for his eagerness to meet Rita. Moreover Rita admires the way Frank’s living. That can be seen from the quotation “cos you’ve got taste” and “perfect mess”. Apart from that Rita is caring about the health of her teacher (“You’ve not been drinking, have ‘Y?”).
The ambition of Rita, why she wants to be able to “talk about things that matter” becomes clear in this scene as well. She tells Frank about her neglected school education and about the question whether her life has nothing better to offer for her. She is trying to resist the pressure the society is exercising upon her (“…you managed to resist another new dress?”p. 32 ll. 11-12) When Frank tells her, why he and his wife split up, she cannot understand the reason (“Nobody splits up because of poetry”). Short after this, he’s charming Rita and gives hints about his feelings towards her.

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